The latest information on the project/the dataset

Our newest reference paper of J-OFURO3 was published in the "Journal of Oceanography" (Volume 75, Issue 2, April 2019).

This paper was published as "Open Access", and anyone can browse the contents and download PDF version for free.

Over 3000 PDFs were downloaded, and 20 other papers have currently cited this paper.

We are very pleased and hope that many people will continue to use the J-OFURO3 data set.

Paper information

An introduction to J-OFURO3, a third-generation Japanese ocean flux data set using remote-sensing observations
Hiroyuki Tomita, Tsutomu Hihara, Shin’ichiro Kako, Masahisa Kubota, Kunio Kutsuwada
Journal of Oceanography (2019) 75:171-194