The latest information on the project/the dataset

The dataset of J-OFURO3 has been minor updated to V1.1. About three years have passed since the first release of J-OFURO3, and the data for the whole period (1988-2013, 26-years) which was originally planned was available in April 2018. This time, we have extended the data provision period and fixed some of the problems that have been identified so far. Furthermore, we decided to release it as V1.1 with improved data quality and quantity by adding new satellite observation data. I hope you find it useful for your research.

Major changes

  • The data period for main data is now 1988–2017 (total 30 years)
  • Version updated of global products used to calculate sea surface temperature data
  • Changed to use more global products for calculation of sea surface temperature data
  • Fixed a minor issue in the surface specific humidity calculation algorithm code
  • Unified data processing method for sea ice areas with the surface specific humidity
  • Turbulent fluxes have been recalculated due to the above changes
  • Used for updated version of CERES radiation flux data.
  • Improved long-term data consistency by inter-comparison of data
  • Net heat flux has been recalculated
  • Climatological monthly mean data has been recalculated from 30 years of data
  • Added doi to the public data and provided with DIAS and APDRC

Download the J-OFURO3 V1.1 data set