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on 25 March 2019
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At the 14th Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC) held on 4-7 November 2018, Ms. Ayumi Koizumi, a graduate student in Tokai University received the Student Poster Award for best presentation.

The PORSEC is an international conference on satellite ocean remote sensing and held in the Pacific and Indian Ocean region every two years.

The awarded poster is a part of research about the impact of the difference in number and the observation time of satellites on the error in surface wind estimation using multiple-satellite. She discussed the interannual variation of errors in the surface wind speed in J-OFURO3 using Quality Check System.

Presentation Information

Title: Impact of usage of multiple-satellite sensors on accuracy of sea surface wind data
Ayumi Koizumi, 14th Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference on 4–7 November 2018 at Jeju, Republic of Korea



We are very please to announce you that a reference paper of J-OFURO3 is now online on the Journal Oceanography. This paper is open access, so you can freely download PDF.

An introduction to J-OFURO3, a third-generation Japanese ocean flux data set using remote-sensing observations
Hiroyuki Tomita, Tsutomu Hihara, Shin’ichiro Kako, Masahisa Kubota, Kunio Kutsuwada
Journal of Oceanography (2018)

J-OFURO3 data availablity has been updated.

Previously, the dataset of 18 years from 1996 to 2013 has been provided, but now the data for 8 years from 1988 to 1995 have been added. Therefore, J-OFURO3 dataset of 26 years from 1988 to 2013 *1is available now.

Moreover, freshwater flux data has beed added.*2, 4
Information about known problems in our dataset was also public along with this update.*3

*1: For wind vector and wind stress data are only available since 1991 when data form satellite microwave scatterometer are available.
*2: only available for 1 degree grid data (LR) of monthly mean
*4: We have fixed the issue on FTP download (2018-06-01).

A new J-OFURO logo symbolizing our project and dataset has been released.

The new logo was designed with motifs of coupled ocean and atmosphere and satellite remote sensing.

We would appreciate displaying this logo in your presentation file or website using the J-OFURO3 dataset.

To download image files and further explanation about the logo, please see here.