Overview of J-OFURO Project

Japanese Ocean Flux Data Sets with Use of Remote Sensing Observations (J-OFURO) is a research project on air-sea flux in the Earth system. We develop and provide datasets on surface heat, momentum, and freshwater fluxes over the global oceans with the exception of the sea ice areas using a lot of observational information obtained by various earth observing satellites. Currently, we are providing the third-generation dataset: J-OFURO3 on this web site with even more improvements from previous datasets.

J-OFURO3 data set provides a numerical data set of air-sea fluxes, along with relevant physical parameters including sea surface temperature, surface wind speed, and surface air specific humidity. A daily mean on 0.25 degree grids data set for 1988-2013 is going to be constructed in this project.

The latest information about the data set and project, the full documents, and links to the data set will be available on this web site.

An example of J-OFURO3 net heat flux

An example of J-OFURO3 data set: long-term mean of surface net heat flux (NHF, W/m^2) obtained from V1.0. Average period is 2002-2013. Positive value means upward heat transport.